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Access Medical offers a variety of home health products for our customers. You can count on our experienced professionals to help you find the equipment and supplies you need and show you how to get the most from them. While we stock most of the products you need in our stores, specialty items can be ordered for in-store pickup or shipped directly to your home. You can count on the Access Medical team!

Walkers, Rollators, Canes and Crutches and Bathroom Safety

Walkers -The added stability of a walker from Access Medical offers greater safety and confidence to perform daily living tasks.
Rollators– see the experts at Access Medical about these rolling walkers with built-in seats and offer more maneuverability than a walker, for more independence.
Canes and Crutches-help maintain balance, facilitate healing and prevent falls.
Bathroom Safety– Access Medical carries commodes, grab bars, shower benches, raised toilet seats and more to help you stay safe in your bathroom.

Respiratory Equipment and Portable Oxygen

Respiratory Equipment– Respiratory products are used to treat conditions that include sleep apnea, asthma, COPD and other lung diseases. Most respiratory assistive devices from Access Medical are covered by insurance. Access Medical can arrange for traveling oxygen.
CPAP/BiPAP– Access Medical has a respiratory therapist on staff to help with learning how to use the equipment, fitting the proper mask and addressing any questions or concerns.
Portable Oxygen- Portable concentrators from Access Medical allow you the freedom to maintain an active lifestyle while providing you with your prescribed oxygen flow rate on the go.
Home Transfilling System-use your oxygen concentrator transfilling systems to fill several smaller oxygen tanks at home. You can then take those tanks when and where you need them.
Oxygen Concentrators– Concentrators provide a safe and efficient way to improve the quality of life for individuals who require supplemental oxygen. Concentrators weigh less than 50 pounds and will be serviced and maintained by your homecare provider.
Nebulizers– We carry a variety of units including fun character compressors to make treatment time more enjoyable and compliance more likely.

Lift Chairs, Hospital Beds and Bed Accessories

Lift Chairs– Lift chairs may be special ordered to meet your size and fabric wishes.
Hospital Beds– See Access Medical for a variety of full electric and semi-adjustable hospital beds featuring many options and accessories.  These beds may be covered by your insurance and we can assist you with that too.
Pressure-Relieving and Five-Zone Mattress– A five-zone mattress from Access Medical offers more comfort, durability and pressure distribution than a standard innerspring mattress.
Bed Rails– Bed rails from Access Medical come in a variety of styles to fit your unique needs and offer safety and assistance getting in and out of bed.
Overbed Tables– Overbed tables (that fit over a bed) are perfect for reading, writing or eating and are easily adjustable to optimal comfort. These tables from Access Medical are helpful for people who spend a lot of time in bed or who are confined to a bed.

Manual Wheelchairs and Accessories

Manual wheelchairs Manual wheelchairs from Access Medical combine durability and comfort at an affordable price. Most of our wheelchairs come with standard features like swing away footrests, and are completely foldable for easy transport and storage. We carry lightweight chairs, bariatric chairs and lightweight transport chairs.
Wheelchairs Cushions– Wheelchairs cushions for the seat and back are available from Access Medical offer comfort and reduce skin breakdown during long-term use of a wheelchair.
*Wheelchairs are usually covered by your insurance provider, and Access Medical will review qualification criteria with you. There are many models and features available.

Breast Pumps and Personal Care

Breast Pumps– Access Medical offers Medela and Ameda electric breast pumps and supplies for nursing mothers. * Insurance may cover the cost.
Bariatric Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins– Access Medical carries a full line of bariatric supplements including vitamins and calcium from quality brand names that include Impact, Bariatric Advantage, Opurity, Unjury Protein Supplement and Isopure Protein Drink.
Skin Care– A gentle, moisturizing and nourishing skin care system is available from Access Medical with Remedy® Skin Care products from Medline. See more by visiting our store.
TENS Units– Find easy to use and effective in many pain management treatment plans with digital TENS Units (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation units) from Access Medical. Our TENS units come with patient compliance tracking and TENS units resupplies.

Arthritis Care

Biofreeze Gel Hand-Warming Gloves– These gloves from Access Medical can make living with arthritis easier and less painful. Let Access Medical help you move a little easier with products that soothe and support aching joints and muscles.
Compression Stockings– Find relief from swollen, sore and tired legs with compression stockings from Access Medical.  These physician-prescribed compression hose are available in many brands, styles and colors.

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